Friday, September 28, 2012


This wonderful country (South Africa) is going through so much conflict. When will people learn that government and big business does not care about them and that it is no longer a race issue, it is simply a class issue. A lot of the big-shot mine bosses are now black, do they care? Do they pay better wages?

Where the poor lives

It started with strikes in the mining industry; this has now also spread to the transport industry. People are fighting for better wages, there is nothing wrong with this, it is just the way it is all happening that is rather sad. There is a lot of violence and conflict between, mostly the police and the protesters.

You have the miners and the police fighting each other (both working class people), while the big-shots sip their champagne and enjoy the “entertainment”. Stop fighting each other; you are in the same boat! Both police and miners are underpaid and over worked and with the cost of everything from bread to petrol (gasoline) sky rocketing, people are stressing and taking it out on each other. This method of “divide and concur” is so old, yet people still fall for it all the time! If it is not black against white, it is police against miners, but it always works, play the fools against each other and the 3rd party always win.

Where the rich lives

This reminds me of stuff that David Icke (yes that “mad’ man that believe there are other dimensional reptiles on the moon) wrote about. The amount of conditioning and programming that is part of civil (which includes the Police) training. The story goes that certain personality types are much easier to condition than others and they are picked up in the recruitment process. Apparently the control freak (sadistic) types are easier to manipulate, just give them a false sense of power. You just have to deal with anybody in a government/civil job to realize there is some truth in this.

The police can also never win, so you have to wonder why they keep on trying, obviously for that pathetic little paycheck at the end of the month, why else. The fact is, if they shoot to quickly, they are in trouble and if they do not shoot and things get out of hand, they are not doing their job. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

It is one thing to see this; it is altogether a whole different story to change other people’s perspective. I think the solution is for the police to strike with the rest, because all they are really doing is protecting the real criminals, the big-shot bosses. The only problem with this is that there is a law that prohibits the police from striking. Who exactly is this law protecting?

People of the South, I am proud of you for standing up for your rights, I am not so proud of your ignorance and your willingness to take your frustrations and fears out on the man next to you, the other man that is also just following orders, in order to get that paycheck at the end of the month. Let us go back to the bad old day, when did thing in this country really change? It started changing when people stopped fighting and started talking…. Violence is not the solution, especially not violence against somebody that is pretty much in the same sad situation as you.

Now I am hearing that the Government is planning on banning protests and strikes, hallo Dictatorship!


It is pointless to go into too much details of where I am right now and all the politics I am dealing with. I will openly admit that I am doing this guesthouse thing because I need the money, but it is making me seriously unhappy.

Mountain top, Simonsberg

Last night I was apparently high, because I did not want to sit and drink with the Boss, (I do  not get the logic here, but apparently if you do not want to get drunk, you must be high) and then his morning I was to drunk (last night) to take any decent photos. This comes from somebody that started drinking 11H00 yesterday morning. He hasn’t even looked at the photos yet, but the decision is already made. Now there is liquor missing and it must be me! I am dealing with an insane alcoholic and his Catholic sidekick. They deserve each other, but I deserve better.

The truth is I am here out of desperation, not because of passion. I cannot deal with drunken stupidity and religious insanity, especially not a combination of the two! But the Catholic and the alcoholic will tell you another story and that story goes that I am a mad maniac that drinks and smokes dope and have really crazy ideas etc. etc. etc. I got through the Eco communities without any issues about drugs, yet in “normal” I suddenly have all sorts of problems, how ironic. I do understand/perceive that the poor Catholic fool is only desperately trying to hang on to his own job, so now I am the worst thing on the planet, yet all I want is a better world where ones worth is not completely and utterly determined by your bank balance. Am I the complete idiot or the eternal idealist?

There is also this question that needs to be answered. Why am I always the rebel, always in the “wrong”? I have to ask; maybe it is time for some serious self analysis. One thing I do know it the fact that I have gone too far with the whole process of wanting to create a better world and going green to just turn around and forget it. I found a passion; I cannot just let it go. Something like a swimming pool pump that runs 24/7 will drive me insane, it is not whether you can afford it or not, that is not the point! It is the waste of water and electricity for selfish and mindless reasons that freak me out!

The moon doing a roller coaster ride...

The sad fact is that I have also learned that community living and the green ways can be just as hard to deal with, it seems like wherever there are people there are issues, or is it just me? Am I the problem?

I am not exactly a conformist; that I do know, but to take abuse and bullying for the sake of income and to compromise everything you believe in and stand for, have and will never work for me. Riaan also said something that is very true, “if you have to constantly defend and proof yourself, you are obviously in the wrong place”.

And the sun sets again...

Well, as usual I got myself into this situation; it is up to me to get out of it. Just another loop in the roller coaster ride I call my life…



Old Lettie is part of the furniture here, she retired a few years or so ago, but she still lives here. She is deaf and as far as I can tell rather blind as well. She keeps herself busy by working mornings, if you can call walking around with a broom work. She does not want a hearing aid, I think she likes living on planet Lettie; only hear and see what she wants. One of the things she claims to be hearing and seeing at the moment is a ghost in the house. She might not be entirely wrong in this.

Lucky for me, my hair just stands up; I do not see spooks. I became aware of this “presence” before Lettie told her story. Then I spoke to a friend that knows the house and she says there is a Lady following people around in the house. I do not find the presence evil or harmful in any way, just uncomfortable, it honestly feel like you are being watched. 

The biggest mystery to me is the fact that she was not here 5 years ago, where does she come from now? Then again she might have been here, I might just not have been aware of it, but then Lettie was here five years ago as well and then she did not have this problem with being alone in the house. All a bit of a mystery and this spooky lady does not seem to be restricted to night time; she seems to be here all the time.

Then I took some photos, after turning the house from “staff hangout” into something resembling rent-able accommodation. There are orbs in most of the photos, now I am not sure if there is a link here, what are orbs and are they in any way connected to ghosts? I did some research on the Internet and apparently there is a link.  According to the article I read, ghost love being photographed and prefer the “orb” shape simply because it takes the least energy…

I remain a skeptic, but I have to ask myself this; why do I feel uncomfortable, honestly I get goose bumps from head to toe, especially when walking from the lounge to the kitchen and remember this started before Lettie told her story. I also “clearly” heard some footstep the other night, but that was after confirmation from other people, so that might just have been my imagination in overdrive.

There is also a vortex on the property, but that is a whole other story.

Here are some of the photos, you decide for yourself… 

On the door.

On the painting

Left upper corner

Against the wall to the left


More accusations, more backstabbing, but you know what, for now, I just want to share some photos, the two things that keep me sane is nature and taking photos….

I hear an Owl call my name..

Table Mountain at sunset

Cottages with Simonsberg in the back

Flower power, no idea what this is....



More flower power

Then there are all the photos I took inside the house, a lot of them have "orbs" in, I will share those next time, maybe the orbs has got something to do with the Ghosts Lettie is talking about, she is refusing to be in the house alone, at any time, day or night.


Cottages with Simonsberg in the back

You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you didn’t have the courage to commit...Oscar Wilde.

That is such a load of bull, maybe it worked for old Oscar, but in my experience people dislike you for having courage and being different or maybe I am just attracting all the wrong people?

I have wonderful but weird energies surrounding me, there are also double 11 in my numerology, this is very strong energy and I have been told that some people sense this, without knowing what they sense and if they are ”not so nice” or have bad intent I will become a target. I do not know if this is true, but some real strange things have and are happening to me and some people do tend to absolutely dislike me for no reason. It is also a huge challenge to keep some sort of balance in my life; it goes from extreme to extreme.

Right now my world is rather “warp zone”, with a lot of Déjàvu. It is also funny how your old “sins” keeps on coming back to haunt you, or shall I rather say how people tend to dig them up whenever they need ammunition and how others are simply willing to believe it all, regardless who or what the source of information is.

On my previous stay here, there was the White Nissan Hard body, I was accused of driving drunk and denting it, the truth is, I was stone cold sober and reversed into a tree (in a blind spot) and only the footrest was bend. This time I am again left with a White Nissan Hard body, I took somebody to the airport and ran out of petrol (I suppose I was lucky, because I did make it back to the farm), but in the process of trying to work out why it just dies on me, it moved forward and bumped into a wall. Just the bumper is damaged, again the truth of the matter is that it was daytime and I was sober, but again there are accusation of drunken driving. As I said - warp zone and bizarre.

Then apparently one of the tenants thinks I am a complete idiot. I am now walking around getting high, but wait there is more, I am doing it almost on top of people, I am going so far as to blow it in their faces, she can smell me on her porch!

Beautiful old farmhouse, from the garden

The story about the smoking and the Nissan comes from the same woman, she claims she saw me drive in at night and “cash” into the wall, I can’t help but wonder what she was stripping on..

You give somebody a letter asking them to please pay some rent again one day and they feel belittled and decide to “shoot the messenger” and suddenly the messenger is a pot-head alcoholic with a mission to destroy every white Nissan on the planet.  Is this woman an evil bitch or just a really sad and scared person? I haven’t decided yet.

The only conclusion or sense I can make here is that it is an uncompleted cycle from the past, coming back for completion. Otherwise the world has really gone completely warped… let us see if justice prevails this time round.

As always I find my “salvation” and sanity in nature and in the garden. I rescued some strawberries from the “weeds” this weekend. As always the weeding gave me the chance to get rid of a lot of frustration and anger. I also hugged a few trees…

Strawberries rescued


Nick gracefully taking time "off" retirement to help us with the plum trees

When I lived here (near Stellenbosch) the previous time, I knew very little about bees or plums or pollination. The farm manager at the time, Nick Gurrah, told me that we will have to get some bees in (bee keepers leave you some hives to pollinate your plums, in this case). He also told me that we have one hive, but it is unfortunately empty.

Before we could actually arrange for some bees, a swarm of bees showed up and tried to occupy the patio area just outside the front door. This was a dilemma in the sense that we really wanted the bees to stay, but not on the patio!

This was a potentially dangerous situation for us and them. I decided to have a chat with them. The way I understand it, bees have a “collective” mind, they act and behave as one. I calmly sat down amongst the swarming bees on the patio and explained to them that this is not going to work, it was a fairly long conversation and I clearly explained why it is not going to work, I also explained that they will probably be the ones at the short end of the stick, so to speak.

Busy little bees at their hive

I also told them about the empty hive just waiting to be occupied, I even gave directions. I know most people now think I am completely insane….

I forgot about the whole “conversation”, but the bees did move away and I was a bit sad about this, until a few days later when Nick came to tell me that bees actually moved into the empty hive. Now there is no proof for this, but I would like to think it was occupied by the same bees I spoke to. I was so excited and I am now even more excited, because the hive is still occupied, apparently by the same swarm, obviously not by the same bees, I mean bees do not live for five years, but hives can be quite old. I am so happy that they are still here and buzzing away and enjoying the plum blossoms, which are now in full bloom again. 

Blossoms everywhere...